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Aston Parker Education is a well established international education management and services organization headquartered in Newcastle, United Kingdom. In 2008, the founder brought the essence of British education, which values education and morality, to China, and set up branches in Beijing, Wuhan and other places. At present, the company is a diversified enterprise integrating Sino-British international cooperation in running schools, British preschool education, English professional training, British study abroad planning, British visa services, Sino-British business visits, job hunting guidance in Britain, high-end online teaching, and British investment management.


Adhering to the core values of "loyalty, responsibility, innovation and efficiency", the Group has built "quality services for students and parents and a broad development platform for teachers". With the corporate culture of "taking responsibility for comprehensive education for the society", the company is actively pioneering and innovating, and is committed to leading the modern English education enterprise in China.

In the past ten years, the group has been focusing on early childhood education management, English training and China-UK international exchanges. In the field of preschool education, a professional preschool education management organization has been set up to build a high-end brand direct-sale kindergarten. At present, there are Tibetan Dragon Island Garden, Jinyu World Garden, Qin Garden, Mocha Town Garden, Tianxiang Shangfu Garden, Xuhui Yufu Garden and Enshi Ideal City Garden. In the next three years, the group will continue to expand the layout of the blueprint in an orderly manner, and there will be 15 directly operated kindergartens. Parker preschool education follows the physical and mental development rules and educational development goals for children aged 3-6, and independently develops the kindergarten-based curriculum system, covering English themed courses, Sinology thinking courses, art interest cultivation courses and physical intelligence improvement courses. Adhering to the educational concept of seeking truth, enlightening wisdom, cultivating goodness and cultivating beauty, the theme runs through every link of daily life, and scientific education activities are implemented in different regions. In addition, diversified potential courses are introduced to meet children's personality development, thus forming an open and rigorous healthy development pattern of "each garden with the same goal, one garden with one characteristic".

In the field of English training, international language training schools have been set up in Beijing, Wuhan and other cities. At present, the established campus has Beijing campus, Wuhan Han Street campus, Wuhan Qingjiang Jincheng campus and Shaanxi Hanzhong affiliated campus. We provide a series of courses covering English enlightenment for children, quality English training for children, private English teaching for teenagers, English for adults at work, English training for enterprises and IELTS for studying abroad. Each school district, depending on its brand influence, hires outstanding teachers to form a professional-level teaching and research team, and combines the group's unique teaching mode to form a high-quality education system.

In the field of Sino-British international exchange, the group has established long-term close partnership with 24 alliance schools of The UK Russell Group and many top private public schools. The Group has set up a service department for studying abroad for all ages, and provides one-stop services of high-quality consultation, application, visa, job guidance, immigration and house purchase for British universities. Since its establishment, the group has organized more than 10 times of mutual visits between Chinese and British universities and school leaders, parent-child Tours, summer schools of junior and senior high schools, public academic visits and other activities every year to build a platform of Cultural exchange between China and the UK for students who have both political integrity and talent. With rich international operation experience and good reputation, it has successfully introduced, designed and managed various international education courses for many outstanding private schools and universities in China.

The group adheres to the principle of "learn the world's languages and be a world citizen; Guided by the educational goal of "spreading Chinese culture in the world's languages", it is committed to providing high-quality educational service platform for many students with first-class teachers, and to building a one-stop and diversified high-quality educational service institution from children to adults, striving for the all-round development of China's education and teaching.


To provide quality services to students and parents

Build a broad development platform for employees

To undertake comprehensive educational responsibilities for the society



Loyalty, responsibility, innovation and efficiency


Deepen international education and cultivate talents scientifically



Learn the world's languages and be a citizen of the world;

Spread Chinese culture in the world's languages.